Mixtape Monday #1

Each Monday, I’m going to be posting a short Spotify playlist consisting of five songs that I’ve been listening to recently. Sometimes I might try to follow a theme or genre, other times I’ll just have the most random of choices. Hope you enjoy some of my top picks for the week!

Derailed – Joyce Manor

I’ve essentially had Joyce Manor on repeat for the past three days. Something about the short and sweet length of their songs makes their albums so easy to digest and ‘Derailed’ is definitely one of the highlights of their self-titled record. They’re basically what you’d get if The Smiths started making music 20 years later and got caught up in the current pop punk scene.

It’s Just a Pop Song – Teen Suicide

I’ve just been scratching the surface of Teen Suicide’s massive double album mouthful ‘It’s The Big Joyous Celebration, Let’s Stir the Honeypot.’ Initial listens have definitely highlighted ‘It’s Just a Pop Song’ as an instant favourite. Wonderfully melancholic, and almost lackadaisical in it’s sound. It’s a perfect lazy Sunday song.

Daisy – The Obsessives

The Obsessives have been on my radar for a couple of months. Whilst I haven’t quite been instantly grabbed by their record ‘Heck No, Nancy’, I admit it’s growing on me, and a lot of that has to do with it’s opener ‘Daisy’.

Harbor -Touché Amoré

The impending album release from Touché Amoré, along with the chance to listen to their new song ‘Palm Dreams’ has had me drifting back into their discography and enjoying the masterpiece that is ‘Is Survived By’ once more. Harbor is a perfect example of the introspective brand of post-hardcore that Touché Amoré are oh so good at playing.

Dissolve – Dowsing

What a solid album release this was for Dowsing. There is very little filler in their 2016 release ‘Okay’, and a number of songs on the album confirm that Dowsing are nailing down a formula for success, with strong buildups leading to repeating outros making up most of my favourite songs from the album. Dissolve is one of them.



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