Mixtape Monday #2 – Late Edition

Hi everyone, here’s my weekly Spotify playlist featuring some songs I’ve been enjoying recently. This week’s mixtape is a pretty mellow one, so sit back and sink into some of my top picks, hope you enjoy!

Where You’ve Been Hiding – Oso Oso

I started listening to Oso Oso this year, and this album has fast become one of my favourites. It competes with Turnover’s ‘Peripheral Vision’ for my top album of 2015. ‘Where You’ve Been Hiding’ is a great example of what you can expect from Oso Oso. Channelling a sound that is very reminiscent of Deja-era Brand New, which immediately sparked my interest, the song has the peaks and valleys, the quiet-loud-quiet-loud pattern that also litter Brand New’s discography. I’m going to be reviewing Oso Oso’s music in more detail in the near future, so keep an eye out!

Sometimes – My Bloody Valentine

I first heard My Bloody Valentine when I watched Lost In Translation. The film’s soundtrack is one of the best I’ve heard, a wonderful lo-fi compilation arranged by Kevin Shields. His band My Bloody Valentine’s hazy song ‘Sometimes’ is a relaxing listen. Shoegaze at its finest.

Flesh – Seahaven

Seahaven’s emo-rock is taken to a whole new level in their album ‘Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only’. Kyle Soto has a very recognisable vocal style and the swagger and melodic nature of his vocals is best displayed in ‘Flesh’. This album proves to be an evolution for Seahaven, taking their music to another level with a variety of songs that show a maturity and complexity above that of their previous work.

Numbers – Daughter

Daughters’ haunting sound will be enjoyed greatly by fans of The xx. Elena Tonra’s voice is the main draw here, alongside the gloomy indie fuzz that forms the backdrop of their music, Daughter have created an atmospheric and serene song that I think will be easily appreciated by everyone.

Night Channels – Foxing

This song makes me sad. Listen to it!


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