Mixtape Monday #3

It’s been a pretty busy week so there has been a lack of posts, but rest assured I’ve got some sweet reviews in the works. For the time being, enjoy my top picks for the week!

At Your Funeral – Saves The Day

In celebration of Stay What You Are’s 15th birthday, I’ve been spinning the legendary album over the weekend. The album opener, ‘At Your Funeral’ is probably Saves The Days’s most well known song, and it’s as catchy as they come.

Lost (Season One) – Camp Cope

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Camp Cope really take off in the near future. A combination of fun and inspired lyrics, with the cascading crashes of cymbals and a creeping bassline that drives the song makes ‘Lost (Season One)’ a fantastic track. This Melbourne trio are definitely one to watch.

Dead Friends – I Am The Avalanche

Witnessing this song live was a complete mind-blower of an experience. It had us all shouting “Kaaaattieeeee!” at random moments ever since. An emotional song with a lot of energy behind it, I Am The Avalanche’s triumphant return back in 2011 is defined by this song.

Melrose Diner – The Wonder Years

I like to pinpoint this song as the moment I realized that The Wonder Years were something special. It’s not particularly their best song, but it definitely sells the brand of pop-punk they were playing back in 2010. I believe The Wonder Years played a major role in the resurgence the genre has seen over the decade, being at the forefront of it all and spearheading pop-punk into relevancy once more. Fast forward to 2016, and The Wonder Years are continuing to evolve and forge a path for others to follow. The best and most consistent band in a genre right now if I say so myself.

Something New – Bellevue Days

Let’s finish off the playlist with something new. Literally. Bellevue Days are looking to be one of the high rising, up and coming British bands and their ‘Sad Boy’ EP does a fantastic job of demonstrating their versatility. ‘Something New’ is a slow build-up into a roaring, charged song that is sure to have heads moving at every show. This Croydon crew’s roller coaster of an EP is definitely worth checking out.



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