Mixtape Monday #4 – Holidays

This weeks Mixtape Monday is a themed one, just in time for the good weather to be hitting us, here’s a fantastic playlist of songs called ‘Holiday’!

Holiday – The Get Up Kids

This song is probably my favourite song from ‘Something To Write Home About’. It’s a great way to start the album and this playlist, a whole lot of energy and definitely one of my most wanted tracks to see live. A memorable chorus and brilliant ending make this song.

Holiday – Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend are the epitome of catchy and this song is a testament to that. A short and snappy song that is really easy to associate with the summer time. ‘Contra’ is worth a spin at this point every year.

Holiday – Weezer

I feel this song is a really good indicator for where Weezer’s sound was heading past the release of ‘Blue Album.’ This song would not be out of place on the ‘Green Album’. A massive chorus devoid of any cleverness, instead opting for a perfectly dumb and blunt “Holiday / Far away / To stay / On a holiday / Far away / Let’s go today / In a heartbeat!”

Holidays – Mansions

It’s a crime that Mansions aren’t better known than they are. Debut album ‘New Best Friends’ is one of the best debuts I have listened to. Absolutely jammed with smart lyrics, sad stories and a sort of self-pity that will get everyone relating. If you’ve never had the chance to listen to Mansions, I urge you to.

Holiday – Fireworks

Ah Fireworks. One of the more unique-sounding of the new wave Pop Punk bands to come through this decade. It’s a shame they’re not making music as a band anymore. Their first two albums are among my favourites in the genre and ‘Gospel’ was my summer album of 2011, and almost every summer after too!


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