Mixtape Monday #4 – Holidays

This weeks Mixtape Monday is a themed one, just in time for the good weather to be hitting us, here’s a fantastic playlist of songs called ‘Holiday’! Holiday – The Get Up Kids This song is probably my favourite song from ‘Something To Write Home About’. It’s a great way to start the album and […]

Live Review: Basement at The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton

A sweaty, overcast summer night in gloomy Wolverhampton proved the perfect backdrop for the Ipswich crew’s muddy brand of honest punk. Basement played loud, played fierce, and really kept the crowd on their toes with a well paced setlist that included pretty much what everyone wanted. Kicking things off with ‘Whole’, the crowd burst into […]

Mixtape Monday #3

It’s been a pretty busy week so there has been a lack of posts, but rest assured I’ve got some sweet reviews in the works. For the time being, enjoy my top picks for the week! At Your Funeral – Saves The Day In celebration of Stay What You Are’s 15th birthday, I’ve been spinning […]

Mixtape Monday #2 – Late Edition

Hi everyone, here’s my weekly Spotify playlist featuring some songs I’ve been enjoying recently. This week’s mixtape is a pretty mellow one, so sit back and sink into some of my top picks, hope you enjoy! Where You’ve Been Hiding – Oso Oso I started listening to Oso Oso this year, and this album has […]

Mid-Year Top 5 Albums

So we’ve reached the middle of 2016, which seems like a good opportunity to look back on some of the year’s best releases so far. I’ve been pretty pleased with the quality of music that has been released thus far, despite being a little underwhelmed with what some of the old guards of the scene […]

Mixtape Monday #1

Each Monday, I’m going to be posting a short Spotify playlist consisting of five songs that I’ve been listening to recently. Sometimes I might try to follow a theme or genre, other times I’ll just have the most random of choices. Hope you enjoy some of my top picks for the week! Derailed – Joyce […]

Album Review: Anna Sage – Begin Again

It’s a powerful moment when a song is able to drag you away from whatever menial task it is that you’re doing, and divert all of your attention into actively listening. The moment a song changes from being your background filler into a sensory experience. Some songs tell a story, some paint a picture, while […]